WWE | WWE Super Star | CM Punk, Undertaker, Randy Orton,Triple H friends in his real life top 3

WWE: The most successful superstar Triple H have 3 friends who do not ever one. They have good friends in real life. They are also the WWE superstar. Triple H is the most successful WWE superstar and also a vital role to make NXT successful

In the many years, the Triple H is the part of WWE and made a good friend in his real and wrestling life. We know about that friend they also the superstar of WWE. They have also made his effort to save many times in WWE matches. But the WWE fans do not know about the facts about his real friends.

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In 2014 the WWE wrestler Seth Rollins broken the shoulder of Triple H. In the 2017 Triple H consider the future of WWE. Seth Rollins is most famous in his WWE matches and his fans want to see in matches. Seth Rollins is played a vital role in the wrestling mania.

CM Punk

If we talk about the Triple H the name we counted Bret Hart, Randy Orton, Rob Van Dam, The Undertaker, and CM Pank is one of the most real-life friends. CM Punk is also the most famous WWE wrestler. CM Punk due to company dispute he leaves WWE for many years.


Undertaker and Triple H mentioned his friendship. In the last year, the Undertaker and Triple H also participated in bouts. Many WWE fans know about the friendship of Triple H and Undertaker.

Randy Orton

Randy Orton is one of the most WWE superstar winners. He won the 13 times and become WWE champion. And we see in his great friendship with Triple H. He is also the part of WWE group evolution. Randy Orton starts his carrier in the year of 2002 and becomes 13 times WWE champion.

Rob Van Dam

Rob Van Dam is the superstar of WWE and he pushes much time but he tries to return back in WWE. We see many times with Triple H in his real life and they have a great friendship.

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