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Lionel Messi: I win this trophy for the Argentina in my career

Lionel Messi: The world famous player Messi said he wants to win the trophy for his country. He was also the part of FIFA World Cup 2014. He also participates in 2015, 2016 America tournament finals.

Argentina participated in the Copa America tournament that will start in next month in Brazil. His team does not win this trophy in the past 26 years.

Messie said at the end of my carrier I want to win this trophy for my country. I think some of the things are not correct. I handle and want to want to win this trophy. In life, you fall and up but try best to grow up. He was also the part of defeated Barcelona.

He said I forget all these things that said me my bad results. He said the defeated worry me but I recover myself and focus on this trophy. Argentina wins the Copa America trophy in the year of 1993.

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