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Franklin Graham: Donald Trump, requested to all Christian to pray for Donald Trump by Franklin Graham

United States: Franklin says his statement to pray of the president of the united state Donald Trump because they need help, they said to all their Christians.

According to the CBN report, he said to all Christians to pray for their elected president. He declares it is not a political endorsement but this is the opportunity to heed the Bible instruction. He said to pray for the national selected president.

He said that about this statement this is not political but in a simple way to pray for their national leader. He also said pray a weapon for criticism. He said God listens to prayer and answers these prayers. This is the only hope for their president.

He said if the enemies are achieved their goals then they destroy our nation. So request to pray for their elected president.

It is a short video that posted on Facebook, he said in this video thanks to all for joining this prayer, this video consists of four minutes that posted on Facebook. He said no political endorsement, it is not politics, and the president of the United States needs our prayers.

After these prayers he thanks the people who are joining their prayer and said them to remain their prayer. He said only God change the human heart. You can also pass all law and also legislation and my prayers all for president.

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