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French Open 2019: Ashleigh Barty beat American tennis player in semi-final

French Open: The great event of tennis are continue in which famous world tennis player have participated. This event in two formats. One for male and the second for female. In the female format, Ashley Barty beat the American tennis player Amanda Yohana and qualify for the final of French open.

Amanda Yohana beat Sonoma Halep in the quarter-final after an aggressive game and then she knocked out in the semi-final by the hand of Ashley Barty. Ashley Barty is qualified for the French Open final.

French Open 2019  Ashleigh Barty

In the final French open she will be faced Mark Vondrousova. Vondrowsova defeated in the semi-final to Yohana Canta of Britain and qualify in the final of French open.

The French Open final played between Ashley Bartley and Vondrowsova. After that who wins the title called the year champion of a grand slam.

Asley Barty beat American player at the point of 6-7, 6-3 and also 6-3. Now she qualifies for the final of French open. In the final, she faces a strong tennis player and made the match very aggressive and interesting.

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