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Football: Cristiano Ronaldo, Portugal win the nations league cup, Portugal defeated Holland in final

Nations League Cup: Portugal win the nations league cup after defeated Holland in the final. This is the second title of Portugal in the three years. But Cristiano Ronaldo did not make any score in the league cup final. Portugal wins the cup in final at the point of 1-0.

Portugal and Holland faced to-gather in the final of the nations league cup. Bot of teams will not be able to make any score at the initial stage of the match. Portugal made the first score after 60 minutes. In the three years, this is the second title of Portugal.

In the final match, Cristiano Ronaldo is not able to make any score. The performance of the Portugal team is not very good in this match. Total 12 percent ball in the control of Portugal players. But they make an aggressive game, they attack 12 times on the Holland goalpost.

Portugal wins this game by 1-0. Portugal wins the four title in a row. In 2016 they also win the Euro title. In the winning title, Portugal has three world cup title and one UEFA Nations League.

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