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Virat Kohli | Lioel Messi | Cristiano Ronaldo, Know who is more rich?

Sports: In sports, Virat Kohli is the more reach person and he has the highest earning as compare to Barcelona Cristiano Ronaldo and Argentina Footballer Lionel Messi. These three sportsmen on the top list of earning the point.

Virat Kohli is the only cricket player who has the highest paid, his total earning is 25$ million. Virat Kohli earns 4 $ million from advertisement, 21 $ million from winnings and wages.

His one year earning is 25 $ million. Now he is 100th in position but his earing increased 1 $ million current. Last year his number is 83.

Lionel Messi removed their place, his salary and advertising earning are 12.7 $ million.

The Portugal famous football player total earing is 10.9 $ million. So, these are the famous sports who earn millions of rupees with salary and also earn from the advertisement.

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