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3 Bowler who retired from Test Cricket at their earlier age

Test cricket is a long format as compared to another format of cricket. Both bowlers and batsmen are struggling in the same equal way and try to change the games. As necessary for batsmen to stay on the crease a long time same in the way to the bowler to made overs. In this format, bowler required a lot of patience.

If we talk about the recently the changes made by International Cricket Council, they introduced a test championship, this champion will start from 1 August. The team management prefers those batsmen who have made their red-ball debut to play other formats of crickets.

Due to the popularity of t-20 and one-day cricket format every player want to play cricket short format. Especially the bowler, they are trying to focused on limited-overs cricket format.

For this reason, they retired from test cricket and wants to play a limited format of cricket. In the last few years, the players do that of many countries. Here see the bowler who has a good bye to test cricket at an early age.

Muhammad Amir

Muhammad Amir

It is sad and shocking news Pakistani fast bowler says to goodbye test cricket. They declared this statement in the previous week. Muhammad Amir is the world dangerous fast bowler and also called the game-changer. At the age of 27, he retired from test cricket.

Muhammad Amir makes his test debut at the year of 2009 against Sri Lanka. He played 36 matches and pick 119 wickets. Muhammad Amir played t-20 and one-day cricket now.

Zafar Ansari

zafar ansari

Zafar Ansari is the England fast bowler and he retired from test cricket at the age of 25. It was the shocking news a bowler who has made his retired at the age of 25 years. He retired at the year of 2016. Zafar Ansari just played only 3 test matches and retired from test cricket. He made this retired statement due to the back injury.

Lasith Malinga

Lasith Malinga

Lasith Malinga famous his unique style in cricket history. He is famous for his unique action and tremendous Yorkers.  He made his test debut at the year of 2004 against Australia.

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Malinga played 30 test matches and took 101 wickets. He retired from test cricket at the age of 28. In the test format, he does not become the successful bowler this reason he retired from test cricket.

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