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These 5 fruit-vegetables peels will give you relief from depression and heart diseases.

Fruits and vegetables are considered beneficial for health. This is an authentic fact. But some fruit-vegetable peels are also beneficial for health. Their peels help keep you away from many diseases. I know about these fruits and their peels.

The orange peel controls the cholesterol

The orange peel is used to remove skin related problems, but this orange or seasonal peel can help keep your cholesterol in control. For this, you can make a juice of orange peel and make it.

Remove the Tension Banana Peel

Banana peel can help in removing stress. Because the banana peel is found to be ‘good serotonin’. Along with this, there are also antioxidants called ‘Lutein’, which reduce the risk of cataract by avoiding ultraviolet rays in your eyes. Put the banana peel in 1 glass water and boil for 10 minutes and after cooling you drink this water.

Potato peel

Potato peels contain rich nutritious ingredients. Which helps in keeping the body away from many diseases. This will give you plenty of iron, vitamin C, zinc, and potassium.

Garlic peel

Garlic helps in blood pressure control, diabetes and cancer prevention.

Pumpkin peel

Pumpkin peel helps in increasing resistance. The beta carotene present in the pumpkin is helpful in eliminating free radicals and protecting skin cells from the available zinc ultraviolet rays, and also helps in increasing disease resistance.

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