Diabetes Exercise

Diabetes Exercise: Diabetes is beneficial for patients ‘vibration’ Exercise, decreases blood sugar

Diabetes is one such disease, on which the person’s body is unable to properly use glucose. In this way, the body becomes prone to swelling. In fact, after diabetes occurs, instead of being absorbed in the person’s body, glucose cells (cells) dissolve in the blood. This is why blood sugar (blood sugar) is greatly increased in diabetic patients.

Why is dangerous blood sugar rise?

Whatever food we eat, after breaking into the stomach, it breaks into small pieces and digestion separates nutrients and glucose from these food pieces. The body uses these nutrients to perform various functions of the body and to keep the organs healthy.

Whereas glucose is used for body energy. You can also understand it like this that glucose is like ‘diesel or petrol’ for our body, so this body works. In diabetic patients, the amount of blood sugar (blood sugar dissolve) is very high. We also call sugar as glucose.

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When there is excess glucose in the body, swelling occurs in the body. Due to inflammation in the internal organs of the body, these organs can not function properly and the person gets sick. Apart from this, due to the increase in glucose, the production of insulin in the body is also affected, which is the cause of diabetes.

Vibration decreases blood sugar

Recent research suggests that diabetes can be controlled very quickly with the body’s vibrating exercise. You must also have seen such devices, on which standing or sitting, starts to vibrate throughout the body. Generally, these vibration machines are used for weight loss.

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But this research has shown that patients with diabetes can also benefit greatly. This research has been featured in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences.

How is Vibrator Machine Beneficial in Diabetes?

It has been suggested in the research that if patients of diabetes spend a little time on the vibrator machine every day, then it reduces the risk of increasing their body glucose. These machines with full-body vibrations are easily available in the market at very low cost. Now the question arises, how will these vibrating machines help control diabetes?

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Researchers have said that after the body has all the vibration, the body uses a lot of glucose for energy. This eliminates inflammation due to diabetes and extra glucose is also used.

Do not play machine or dance, patients of diabetes

If you have a diabetic patient every day, play a sport, jumper, or dance a little while, you can keep yourself healthy. In fact, even during dance and sports, there is a natural vibration in the body and energy is used. Therefore these activities are beneficial for diabetic patients.

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