Laughing this great Greek philosopher drank poison, he said these precious words

Let us tell you that there are many such things related to the life of the great philosopher of Greece, Socrates, which are also relevant in today’s life. In such a situation, those things serve to inspire people.

Let us tell you that Socrates, born in Athens in 469 BC, is also seen as the father of Western philosophy and, being frightened by Socrates’ views, his opponents had given him the death sentence, making many serious allegations.

Yes, Socrates was accused at that time of not worshiping the gods and being an atheist. Not only this, but he was also accused of instigating and tricking the youth at that time.

Along with this, charges of treason were also imposed on him. At the same time, he was given poison as a death sentence and Socrates did not panic at all.

It is said that at that time he had smoked poison while laughing. Even the poison maker did not want to die of Socrates- It is said that the poison maker was grinding poison for him on the day of death of Socrates and it was interesting that Socrates was not at all under stress and was busy discussing with his friends.

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It is said that sometime before the scheduled time, Socrates told the poison maker, “Don’t delay.” Poisoner on this said, ‘I want a great man like you to breathe for some more time, so I am deliberately late.’

On hearing this, Socrates said, ‘If you have lived a little too much, what will happen? I have seen life, now I have to see death. My words will always be between people.

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Before death, Socrates had said some precious words which were this. Indeed, the friends and disciples of Socrates were against the death penalty and he also planned to free Socrates from jail and got a soldier and got some money to join him.

At the same time, Socrates said, “They will not violate the law of the country.” At that time, Socrates said, “The time has come for us to separate our path.” You proceed on the path of life and I died. Who is better than both, leave it to God. After this, he drank poison.

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