These methods will give instant relief in fever, take care like this

It is often seen that the infection starts increasing in the body as the weather changes. In such a situation, you may also get a high fever, which causes you to struggle for several days. Due to which the temperature of the body starts increasing rapidly.

Due to the rapid rise of fever, children begin to weaken very quickly. But we are going to give you some tips which you can adopt during fever and this will reduce the temperature of fever immediately.

To reduce the temperature of the rapidly rising fever, you must first grind two potatoes and make a paste. Put this paste in your child’s socks and wear these socks to your child. It will be relaxed soon.

Wet cloth

To reduce the rapidly rising fever, soak a cotton cloth in cold water, and squeeze it and keep it on the baby’s forehead and leg thighs for some time.

Liquid substance

At the time of fever, you should give your child plenty of cold food. This is a very good solution. You can also feed yogurt or ice cream during that time. This will keep your child hydrated and reduce his fever by cooling his body.

Loose clothes

Never wear baby fitting clothes during fever. They help to increase the temperature of fever instead of decreasing it, so wear loose clothes during that time. This will give relief to the body and reduce the temperature.

Use fan

Keep your child in a cool environment during a fever. Which can reduce his fever? When you run the fan for the child, keep his speed down.

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