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Summerslam 2019 is the professional wrestling event promoted by WWE, SmackDown and 205 live brand. Summerslam will be starting on 11 August 2019 at Scotiabank Arena Toronto Ontario Canada. This is the thirty-second event of Summerslam chronology. Professional WWE wrestler will have participated in that event.

If we talk about wrestle mania 35 brock Lesner defeated by Seth Rollins and this loss was great loss by Lesnar and he will not show himself a week on the TV screen.  But he entered in the money in the bank 2019 event and win the title.

In the SummerSlam 2019, the first match Brock Lesnar will face Seth Rolins this is the single match of WWE universal championship. Here is the table of Summerslam 2019 matches schedule

Previous SummerSlam was held in also in Toronto at the year of 2018 and the next SummerSlam will be conducted at the year of 2020 in Cardiff. The Summerslam is promoted by WWE network, Raw, SmackDown and 205 Live.

The first Summerslam was held in the year of 1988 in New York. With the passage of time, this event becomes very famous and WWE and other network show their interest to conduct this event effectively.

WWE Summerslam 2019 prediction

The Brock Lesnar is considered the strong wrestler for SummerSlam. And the other name is Seth Rollins, who defeated Brock in WrestleMania 35. Brock Lesnar also win the 2019 money in the bank title. So, this event becomes very offensive and the source of joy. All matches are full of suspense. Fans entertain with this event.

WWE Summerslam 2019 Match Schedule

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