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Cricket: Babar Azam worried about their test carrier know what he say?

Pakistan Cricket: The number one t-20 player Babar Azam says that he worried about their test carrier. Now, he focused on test format. Babar Azam said he is good in the one-day but he worried to improve his test cricket.

He said he was good in limited over matches but he worried to improve themselves in log format. He said he is satisfied in the limited format of cricket but he wants to improve herself in the long format of cricket.

More ever he declared he want to make more runs for their country. During my carrier in all format of cricket make a satisfying result.

Babar Azam said he was not interested to play cricket till at the age of 12 years but after he played cricket in the street and club. At the age of 15 and 23, he joined the club and his father supports them to play cricket. During the 15 and 23 years, he takes his place in Team A and after one year he was selected to wear green shirts.

He said he was lucky to become the green shirts team after one year playing in team A. He said he is the successful player who proves herself to make successful batsman. In coming cricket venues he tried to improve herself in all format of cricket.

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