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The use of social media affects girls more, The impact of social media on the youth

Social media is having a wrong effect on the youth. Use of the phone throughout the day and being engaged on social media has a bad effect on health. At the same time, everyone knows about the depression caused by it.

A recently published research in this regard has revealed that the wrong effect of social media has more on girls than boys. That is, the more social media girls use, the more bad effects they get.

Let me tell you, for this, about ten thousand children between the age of 13 to 16 years were interviewed. Researchers said that the use of social media does not have any significant effect, but by constantly using more, it affects our activities which are necessary for the body. Like- sleep and exercise.

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Apart from this, new age children are also victims of wrong content and cyberbullying. The highest number of cases of cyberbullying were reported in girls.

This research revealed that 60 percent of the girls had mental problems due to poor sleep and cyberbullying. This means that many girls have also gone into depression. At the same time, 12 percent of the boys had to go through mental turmoil due to this. Experts say about this, good sleep and exercise can relieve problems.

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