These 5 things not search on Google you will be shocked to know the reason!

Nowadays we all have become a habit, if you want to know about anything then do Google. So it is not necessary that the information you get on Google is completely correct. In today’s era, many people are confident that they will not be found anywhere, it will definitely be found on Google. But sometimes on Google, you also get the wrong information. But, while searching, have you ever thought about what you are going to search.

Before searching on Google, you know what to search and what not to do. It is good that you do not search these five things on Google. Even if you search these five things without forgetting, then you can get into difficulties. Read further five things that you should never search on Google.

Your email

Also, avoid searching for personal email login on Google. By doing this, again and again, your account can be hacked and your password can be leaked. According to a report, most hacking cases occur in the world due to e-mail hacking. Its millions of complaints are also registered in the cyber cell.


Never forget to search to know your identity while searching on Google. Because Google has a complete database of your search history and there is a risk of it being leaked by repeated searches. Hackers are waiting for what they can easily get hacked.

Suspicious things

Often people search some things on Google, which do not make any sense to them, but only for the sake of viewing, do not search for such suspicious or suspicious things. Because, the cyber cell is often only focused on such people, who try to search for something suspicious. In such a situation, you may get into trouble. There is a provision of punishment up to jail in cyber cell cases.


If you search on Google about disease and medicine, then it should also be avoided. Because the data of the search is transferred to the third party. After which you are constantly shown advertisements related to that disease and its treatment.


Never search for any information related to insecurity on Google. If you do this, then you start getting related advertisements. Through which you can know that someone is following you on the Internet. If you want ads related to insecurity to not bother you, then you should avoid doing this search.

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