There are three types of people who watch porn, the study revealed

There are many studies related to sex. New information comes in, which many people are not aware of. Many must have read reports in which the advantages and disadvantages of watching porn have been told. Knowing this, those people have also changed this habit. At the same time, a study has revealed that there are 3 types of porn watchers. Not all porn watchers are from one

Let me tell you, porn audiences are not the same. They can be divided into three groups. You will be surprised to know that only one category in these three groups is considered healthy.

Porn watchers for fun

Most of the people who took part in the study used to come to this group. 75 percent of the audience watching porn is such that they watch porn for fun. These groups watch porn for about 24 minutes every week. This is the group in which women are more and who are in a committed relationship. This group is kept in the category of healthy.

Sad and upset group

People in this group connect porn viewing with their emotional problems. This group watches porn every week for 17 minutes.

Compulsive group

The 11.8 people who took part in the study came out of the compulsive group who used to watch porn for 110 minutes every week. There were more men in this group.

Who has satisfaction

People in the compulsive group have less sexual saturation and more addiction to sex. At the same time, the first group is saturated and the sexual compulsion is less. At the same time, troubled people were not considered among those who watch active porn. They are very troubled people who watch porn because of any problem rather than addiction.

Like porn addiction, drugs or alcohol have not been placed in the category of addiction yet, but experts consider it equal to them. This addiction can increase so much that medical help may have to be taken.

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