Why do you feel like eating sour during pregnancy, learn the benefits

It has often been seen that in pregnancy, a lot of food is eaten (sour food in pregnancy). Sometimes the situation becomes such that the mind feels, just get it now. This is how most women feel like eating sour. But you will not know why this happens. With this, you also stay healthy by eating sour. Let us know the reason behind this.

Why do you feel like eating sour

In pregnancy, sometimes I feel like eating something special. This is all due to changes in hormones. Most women like to eat sour these days. Craving in women due to pickles is due to low sodium. At times the rawness or aroma of Tamiya attracts them.

Sour eating is beneficial

Sour things like lemon, raw mango, amla or pickle strengthen the pregnant’s immune system. Carrot pickles contain plenty of vitamins, calcium, iron, potassium and many other nutrients, which strengthen the immune system of a pregnant.

But keep in mind that do not consume excessive pickle-sauce etc. Try not to use pickles made in the market at all, but put pickles of carrots, cabbage, jackfruit, beans, etc. at home and eat them only. Eating one raw amla in a day is beneficial.


It is very important to maintain the balance of minerals like potassium, sodium in the mother’s body for good growth of the unborn baby in the womb. Consuming pickles also helps in maintaining the balance of mineral elements in the body. It is good for both mother and child.

There are many types of spices in pickles, such as rye, asafetida, fennel, fennel, etc., which at the same time eliminate the gas problem, the bacteria present in the pickle helps to increase the good bacteria by reaching the pregnant’s intestine. This improves the digestive system, digests food quickly and easily, and relieves complaints of indigestion and irritation.

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