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Social media and mobile are not so bad for mental health, stress lessens youth

‘While the general perception is that smartphones and social media are negatively impacting people’s mental health, we are not seeing much support for the idea that time spent on phones and online is related to increased risk of mental health problems.’

People are commonly seen talking about the negative effects of smartphone use, but recently researchers have found something that teenagers spend time on their phones or online is not as bad for mental health.

Michael Jansen, assistant professor at the University of North Carolina, stated, “Contrary to the common belief that smartphones and social media are negatively impacting young people’s mental health, we are not seeing much support for the idea that phones and online Time spent are associated with increased risk of mental health problems. “

For a study published in the journal Clinical Psychological Science, researchers tested more than 2,000 teenagers between the ages of 10 and 15 years. Researchers collected reports of mental health-related symptoms of these teenagers three times a day, and along with this, the reports of the amount of time they spent on the phone or online were also produced at night.

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When these reports were viewed later, the researchers found that excessive use of digital technology is not related to poor mental health. Researchers said that the youth who reported sending more text messages in the report were feeling better than those who sent fewer messages. Advising against excessive use of technology, experts emphasized on using it responsibly.

According to Sameer Parekh, a psychologist, and director of Fortis Mental Health Program in Noida, the life of youth should be well balanced with indoor and outdoor activities and it is very important to have a balance between studies and fun.

” TV, the Internet, social media are required to be used in the limit and it should never be overshadowed by interaction with friends, family time, sports or studies. There should be a balance. Using the phone to talk to friends Good, but students should also give importance to meet and talk to friends. “

He added, “Social media can be used to express ideas with positivity. Also, children must know certain skills to deal with social media effectively.” The elders should help them to become a better role model in giving a better shape to the overall lifestyle of the children.

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