WhatsApp gave its users great news, special security features added in chat

WhatsApp, the world’s popular instant multimedia messaging app, is constantly releasing new features and updates for its users. It has also benefited WhatsApp that people have started messaging WhatsApp instead of text messaging and today WhatsApp has become an important messaging app for all the people around the world. Whose popular is increasing day by day?

For the security of its users, testing of new features is going on the beta version of WhatsApp. According to a report recently released by Wabetainfo, the company is preparing to support a fingerprint sensor for security in WhatsApp.

This feature of WhatsApp can be seen on beta version 2.19.221 of Android. After the new update, users will have to use fingerprint to open the WhatsApp app, although it will have to activate the feature first by going to the settings.

For your information, please tell that after this feature, users will get a lot of benefit in terms of security. For example, if your phone is with someone else and the lock is unlocked, they will not be able to read your WhatsApp chat, as they will need your fingerprint to open WhatsApp.

Does the new update also have the feature that you can decide yourself How long will your WhatsApp lock with the fingerprint sensor? For this, you will get three options, which include options like lock immediately, lock after one minute and lock after 30 minutes.

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