3 WWE Superstars whose career may be affected by Roman Rance’s departure

Fans can hardly be forgotten on Monday Night Raw this week. It was an episode of Raw that brought tears to many fans. The fans in the arena became emotional as soon as WWE‘s biggest superstar Roman Rance revealed his illness in the ring.

Let us tell you that Roman Rains is suffering from leukemia disease (a type of blood cancer). Roman Rance has relinquished his Universal title due to the disease and has been out of the company for some time. It is very sad for Roman Rance to leave the company.

The departure of Roman Rance will not only affect Raw but his departure will also affect the careers of some superstars. In this episode, we are going to talk about those 3 superstars who may be affected by the career of Roman Rance.

Dean Ambrose

dean ambrose

Rumors of Dean Ambrose changing to Heel for the past few weeks were running high, which turned out to be true in Raw this week. On this week’s show of Raw, Dean Ambrose attacked Seth Rawlins and transformed himself into Heal.

We think WWE has made the decision to make Dean Ambrose the heel. Because The Shield’s top superstar Roman Rance is not, The Shield is not as spectacular as Roman Rance’s. Also, the sudden breakdown of The Shield will help WWE carry longer storylines further.

However, Dean Ambrose is still skeptical about the role after The Shield broke. We think if Roman Rance and Dean were involved in hostility with him, it would not only be a great thing for Dean but we would get to see a new and different storyline.

Brock Lassner

brock lesnar

We know that Brock Lassner has the ability to bring his own fans to the arena. Talking of Lassner’s bouts, it would not be wrong to say that one of the most spectacular bouts of WWE is compared to him.

However, the most noticeable thing among all this is that when a superstar’s opponent is not great, then that superstar cannot give a great fight. Roman Rance has been one of Brock Lassner’s most formidable opponents. In such a situation, the WWE Universe would have to contend with Roman Rance vs Lassner’s contests for some time.

Well after Roman Rains left WWE for a while, the biggest problem WWE now has is finding a rival for Brock Lassner. However, there are superstars on the roster like AJ Styles and Finn Baylor who can give a great fight with Lesnar.

Bron Strowman

Braun Strowman

Bron Strowman is deeply saddened by Roman Rance’s illness. Bron Strowman has also posted a sentimental post on social media about his illness.

Strowman wrote that he has been involved in many enemies with Roman Rance in the ring, but apart from all this he is his closest friend in real life. Strowman hoped that Roman Rance would return soon after leaving his illness behind.

On the other hand, if you talk about professional level, then the departure of Roman Rance will not give the fans a chance to see the match between Strowman vs Roman Rance in the Crown Jewel event.

Roman Rance, Strowman and Lassner were scheduled to join the Triple Threat Match for the Universal Championship, but due to illness, Roman Rance is no longer part of the match. As a fan, we hope that Roman Rance will fight back with his illness soon and the fans will get to see him again.

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