Madeleine Westerhout

Trump’s personal assistant resigns after sharing family information with reporters: report

Madeleine Westerhout, the personal assistant to the US President, who has shared information with the journalist about Donald Trump’s family, has resigned.

The New York Times quoted unnamed sources as saying that Trump had learned that while he was in New Jersey during a recent vacation, Madeleine had his family and white with reporters in an ‘off-the-record’ session Talked on matters of the House. After this, Madeleine resigned on Thursday.

After this, many other media institutions including ‘CNN’ and ‘Politico’ also gave this news by quoting unknown sources.

During a conversation with reporters, CNN said Madeleine could not make it clear that her comments were ‘off the record’ and a journalist told the White House about the conversation.

Madeleine had been his personal assistant since the beginning of Trump’s term as president, but the US president is particularly sensitive to information leaked by his personnel to the media.

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