5 WWE Wrestlers Whose Children Have Their Face

Becoming a WWE Wrestler is not easy at all. Pro wrestlers have to fight matches in difficult conditions, they have to move from one place to another. There are many problems in the personal life of wrestlers. Very often a wrestler’s marriage breaks up because he is unable to give the family full time.

Many WWE wrestlers are married with children. Many veteran wrestlers’ children are completely met with their father. A look at the wrestlers whose children face them

Brock Lassner-Mia Lassner

Brock Lassner,Mia Lassner

In addition to Professional Wrestling, The Beast Denomination Brock Lassner has also been a big name in the UFC. Beginning with traditional wrestling, Brock Lassner stepped into pro wrestling, football and mixed martial arts and prospered. Brock Lassner does not inform anyone about his personal life. But the fans know that Brock Lassner has 4 children.

Among the four children of Brock Lassner, Mia Lynn Lassner is most discussed on social media. Because Mia’s face resembles Brock Lassner. The most special thing is that Mia Lynn Lassner is also a great athlete like her father, who takes part in different sports.

Brock Lassner’s girlfriend was Nicole McClain. They both have a daughter, Mia Lynn Lassner. Besides Mia, Lassner has three children, named Turk Lassner, Duke Lassner, and Luke Lassner. The Beast’s wife Sable has been a former WWE superstar and model.

Beast and Sable rarely give information about their personal lives to people. Because of this, it is very difficult to know anything about them. Brock Lassner is currently the WWE Universal Champion.

Hulk hogan-brook hogan

Hulk hogan-brook hogan

Hulkamania has been one of the most famous faces of WWE or rather pro wrestling as well as one of the controversial faces. Hulk Hogan entertained fans by working in the ring for decades and became one of the best entertainers.

Hulk Hogan has been instrumental in making WrestleMania a hit. He made his debut at several WrestleMania shows. He also holds the record for most headlining five WrestleMania names, which no one has broken till date. Recently Hulk Hogan returned to WWE, also returning Hulk Hogan’s Hall of Famer status.

The appearance of Hulk Hogan’s daughter, Brook, meets her father. Brook has been more interested in music than wrestling. Brook is a reality TV star, songwriter, musician. If Brook had stepped into wrestling like her father, she would have become a famous wrestler today.

Tarell, Terence Hughes – De Won Dudley

Tarell, Terence Hughes – De Won Dudley

Every wrestling fan must have heard the name of Dudley Boyz at some time. The team of Baba Ray Dudley and De Von Dudley gave a new height to the tag team division.

People with less knowledge about WWE may think that Dee Won Dudley and Baba Ray Dudley will be brothers, but both of them are brothers only in the story. De Von Dudley is working as an official in WWE. At the same time, Baba Ray is still associated with wrestling.

Dudley has 4 children, in which Tarell and Terence resemble two sons. In the coming time, both are going to appear in the wrestling business. Tarell and Terence are working for indie promotions. According to the report of 411, both had participated in the trial some time ago but could not pass it.

Chris Banwa-David Banwa

Chris Banwa-David Banwa

Chris Bain is no longer named in WWE. Chris was one of the hottest stars of Pro Wrestling. But one incident shook the wrestling industry apart from him. Bain killed his wife on 22 June 2007, killed his son on 23 June and hanged himself on 24 June.

The investigation has found that he carried out the incident due to head injuries caused by wrestling. Banwa has won several titles in WWE, WCW, NJPW, ECW in his wrestling career.

Chris Banva’s son David Banwa is very interested in pro wrestling. David has been seen many times on WWE shows and with wrestlers, which appears to have an affinity for Wrestler. Seeing the appearance of David, it seems as if Chris Banwa.

Sting-Steve Borden Jr.

Sting-Steve Borden Jr.

Sting’s name is taken with great respect in the wrestling industry. Even though Sting spent a short period of time in WWE, WCW was one of TNA’s biggest wrestlers. Apart from Sting Ressler, actor, writer, he has also been a bodybuilder.

Sting won 15 titles in WCW’s 14-year career. Apart from this, he also earned a lot of name in TNA. Sting has been inducted into TNA’s Hall of Fame in addition to WWE. Nobody thought that Sting would come to WWE.

In 2014, Sting debuted in Story with Triple H, making his WWE debut. He faced Triple H at WrestleMania and lost.

Sting’s son, Steve Borden, is tall and saddled with his father. Steve did not make his career in wrestling. Steve is married and has a child.

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