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Google | YouTube: Heavy penalty on YouTube of 1420 crore

Google: Violation of children privacy law youtube is on heavy penalty 1420 crore. According to the media report, the world technology giant Google has been fined 1420 crore due to privacy law on YouTube. Now, Google has to pay Rs 1420 crore.

According to the US, Media YouTube violated the children privacy law while collecting data for the advertisement. Now, Google has to pay penalty Rs1420 crore.

This penalty imposed by the Federal Trade Commission but now, this matter on the department of justice. It may be largest case about the children law privacy. This fine has been imposed on Google due to online advertising.

In the last year in July, the European Commission also imposed fine on Google of 344 billion. This is the biggest penalty on Google. Google said misrepresents the Google search engine under its mobile strategy. This thing makes the company difficult.

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