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US Open 2019: Wang Qiang defeated Ashleigh Barty and qualify for the quarterfinal

US Open: In the pre-quarterfinal match Wang Qiang defeated Ashleigh Barty and qualify for the quarter-final of US Open. In the quarterfinal, she will face the tennis superstar, Serena William.

In the beg clash between Ashleigh Barty and Wang Qiang, Barty defeated by 6-2 and 6-4 in the pre-quarterfinal of the tournament. In this match, the former number one tennis player faces tough competition. At the earlier stage of that game Barty not be able to compete her against tennis player.

In this match both of tennis player make any mistake. Wang made only 14 error while Ashleigh Barty makes 39 unforced errors. Her mistakes provide a chance to beat himself.

Wang reached the quarter-final of that tournament for the first time. The fourth round of that tournament will be played on Sunday, in this match, Wang Qiang will be faced the tennis superstar Serene Williams.

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