WWE News: Monday Night Raw, After Raw shocking episode big loss

In this week the Monday night raw not yet increase the viewers. The losing of the viewer is continued. In the big clash between Becky Lynch and Bailey match with Alexa Bliss and Nikki. In the main event, this match happen.

In that clash the viewership stoop at 2.507 million this week. When its compared to previous week viewership it decreases by 0.8%.

If we see the details list of Raw viewership in previous week 2.638 million, first hour last week is 2.637, second hour 2.557, last week third hour is 2.326 and 2.26 in last week. If they compare to last week overall they viewership has been decreased.

After the SummerSlam, the viewership had been decreased. Before Summerslam weeks viewership increased. But decrease after the SummerSlam.

In the third hour of retuning of Baily locked the viewer. In the third hard the viewer above three million. The big event coming soon. It will be increased the viewership. In next month survivor series will be held.

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