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WWE: SmackDown live, MITB contract failing to cash exposes by Barcon Corbin

WWE News: Money in the Bank PPV match organized by WWE on 18 June 2017, this match win by Baron Corbin. In that year he becomes the new winner of that match.  Baron Corbin wins the match and becomes the main superstar of the company.

After the SummerSlam before a week of this year, in the episode of SmackDown live Corn cashed, failed to win the title. He also fights against John Cena in the biggest SummerSlam PPV title but also he lost the match.

Baron Corbin recently gives his interviews to Notsam Wrestling website, in this interview he said it was a really sad thing he will not be able to win the match and the cash of money in the bank failed.

He said the things that make his disappointed is people taunt me that in money in the bank and the world champion match.

He said when he picked the briefcase, it pricks me like a thorn. With me right now to make the championship. Sine his Maine roster debut he becomes himself the Raw superstar. In WrestleMania 35 he defeated Kurt Angle and sometimes he also defeated the universal championship, Seth Rollins.

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