Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump: 52 % America do not want to see Donald Trump as a president

Donald Trump is the 52 president of United States of America. According to the voters, 52 % of people do not want to see Donald Trump as a president.

The new election will be conducted by the US Government in 2020. According to the news agency ANI report, 52 % of voters do not want Donald Trump as a United States president. They have a plan to vote against Donald Trump.

This survey conduct via online and telephone, in this survey 42 % of people give the voter in favor of Donald Trump while 52 % of people give their vote against Donald Trump. Reaming 6 % of people not decided to anything in this matter.

75 %  of Republicans vote in the favor of Donald Trump but 21 % want to give their vote against Trump, according to Polling Agency.

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