Roman Rance

WWE News: WWE Live Event, Roman Rance, Argentina wrestler Pield in front of Roman Rance

WWE News: In Buenos Aires Argentina WWE SmackDown hosted his live event. All professional wrestler have participated here and fans also touch their wrestler and see the live WWE championship match.

Their company held total of 8 matches and many superstars are fight with another and they provide entertainment to their fans. This the huge clash with professional wrestler and everyone like it.

Superstar Asuka defeated Mandy Road by disqualification.

Kabuki Warriors (Asuka and Kairi Sen) pair defeated Mandy Rose and Sonya Devil.

Apollo Cruise defeated Sammy Sen.

Alister Black, who came to the main roster from NXT, also won over Sammy Jane.

Samoa Joe’s match against Roman Rance, challenging big superstars like Brock Lassner, Bron Strowman, AJ Styles. The match was won by Roman Rance.

Ember Moon defeated Jalina Vega in the Women’s Division match.

Bailey, the women’s champion of SmackDown, faced Charlett. This match saw action and Bailey retained the title.

Mean event saw WWE Champion Kofi Kingston match Randy Orton. Kofi saved the title by winning.

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