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WWE News: Braun Stronwman, Braun Strowm weight gain struggle heartbreak story know about them?

WWE News: In 2013 Braun Strowman weight marked 418 pounds. Recently Not Sam Wrestling Podcast WWE Professional wrestler Braun Strowman appear. With growing into the size he opens struggle.

The Wyatt Family Braun is the newest member, on the main roster, Braun Strowman is quit. In 2016 Braun separated from Wyatt Family during WWE Draft.

He moves to WWE Raw after Wyatt family WWE draft. In the next three years, Braun Strowman got many opportunities in the main event. In SummerSlam 2017 he completed Fatal Way Universal title.

In that occasion, he failed in a single match against Brock Lesnar. In a clash of the championship, he competes Seth Rollins, in this year he also wins the Giant Memorial, Battle Royal.

In 2013 he was the heavies weight in world strongest man competition. In two years over the course crazy growth, foot gaining 80 pounds.

Braun Strowman said I was 418 pounds when I competed world strongest man in 2013, actually, weight goes to down. My girls’ friend tied my shoes. God bless and I was so, big. He said don’t miss big the hill.
345,350 right now, everything feels good with god health. Wearing sweatpants and 5XL Shirt.

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