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Kane Williamson: Cricket world cup England defeat New Zealand unable to forget

Cricket: In the cricket world cup 2019 New Zealand defeated by the hand of England. After the big clash between two teams, the match has been a tie. The decision of the match will be made through the boundary basis.

Two months have passed to the cricket world cup and the world accept England is the new world cup champion. England wins the world cup for the first time in cricket history after hosting the world cup for the fifth time.

The New Zealand captain Kane Williamson said we are unable to forget the loss of final. The whole team did not understand the mistake where it happening. The final of world cup played on 14 July.

Kane Williamson tells we were unable to find the mistake where we do and it was a great loss we can not forget them. Every day we talk about and this matter is small mentioned. This statement of Kane Williamson also published the ICC on their official website.

Kane Williamson talks about the bounty that does the umpire 6 runs instead of 5 runs. He said he would never blame to umpires. It was one of the matches we remember again and again that we should never forget.  But it was the dignity of the player who becomes the part of the match.


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