muhammad wasim

Congratulations  to Pakistan boxer Muhammad Wasim by Pakistan superstar and player

After winning the title Wasim disappointed to Pakistan government and public. They are not able to receive an airport with the boxing title. This issue becomes viral on social media then Army Chief meets the legend and gives the title and prizes.

After this many superstars and Pakistan cricket player and also Pakistan boxer Muhammad Amir gives him good wishes and said he wants to meet him in Pakistan coming soon and asked his future plan.

King of swing Wasim Akram also makes an excuse they are not able to receive him on the airport. Pakistan superstar Ali Zafar makes twit on his victory and Pakistan army chief give him the award.

Former fast bowler Shoaib Akhter meet hin in Islamabad and give him many congrats to his victory. Muhammad Wasim defeats Flipyan boxer in Dubai and win the boxing title and give his wining to Kashmir people.

When he returned back to Pakistan no one receive and he was disappointed and the news become viral on social media. The first twit makes Wasim Akran. After that Pakistan army chief meets him.

When the news goes viral on social media many superstar and player give him congrats and best wishes. Remember he gives his victory to Kashmir people.

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