Iran is involved in attacks on oil installations: Saudi Arabia offers evidence

Riyadh: Saudi Arabia has provided evidence of Iran’s involvement in the attack on oil installations, while the US has previously declared Iran responsible for the attack.

Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Defense said that Iran was involved in the attack on the Saudi oil plant and that it was not proven that they were fired from Yemen, which is why they were fired from Iran. Must have been stained.

According to the Saudi Defense Ministry, 18 drones and 7 cruise missiles were fired in the attack on two oil installations, causing a fire in the installations.

Saudi Defense Ministry spokesman Colonel Turkey al-Maliki said that the evidence suggests that the attack was carried out from the north and that Iran is undoubtedly in the role of the drone, which is seen in the remnants of the drone that Iran manufactures and from the (drone) computer.

The data extracted shows the structure of the Iranian. “We are trying to find out more from where the missiles were fired,” he said.

It is clear that the Houthi rebels in Yemen had claimed responsibility for the incident, while Tehran denied having any involvement in the incident and said that if any campaign was made against Iran under its cover, it responded in full. Will go

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