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Imran Khan: Imran Khan voice of Kashmir, India has revolted the world over occupied Kashmir

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that India has rotated the international community and Pakistan in a circle on the issue of occupied Kashmir. And says that such a circle is rotating.

In an interview to CNN, Prime Minister Imran Khan ruled out the possibility of any kind of meeting with Narendra Modi.

The Prime Minister said that this is a mind that believes in the ideology of the superiority of the Hindus and does not want any minority to believe that all religions have equal rights.

The Prime Minister further said that the atrocities being witnessed in occupied Kashmir are being witnessed and that all can bear this kind of mind.

Chief Minister Imran Khan said that if the animals were kept in captivity without a hospital for fifty days, the reaction would come from the world.

Responding to the question that the international community did not respond to the issue of Occupied Kashmir, Imran Khan said that he had informed many world leaders about Indian action and UN resolution on occupied Kashmir.

He complained that many leaders did not realize this, and many leaders view India as a market of 1.2 billion people. And it is regrettable that interests have been given priority over humans.

On this occasion, he reiterated the offer of US President Trump’s mediation once again and said that President Trump as a powerful countryman has the proper personality to do anything in that regard.

He further said that even though President Trump has offered India mediation on Kashmir issue many times, Modi has rejected it, but the moment the issue becomes global, the international community will realize that Kashmiris Their rights have been deprived of their autonomy.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that Modi does not want global arbitration on Kashmir issue and he called the issue a matter between Pakistan and India before the international community but when Pakistan objected to Indian action, he called it an internal matter. And the parties are moving in such a circle on this matter.

The Prime Minister expressed hope that the world community will make any progress in this regard as the matter has become a flashpoint.

Imran Khan says India is turning global attention to the ongoing bloodshed in Kashmir and is using the term Islamic terrorism on the issue.

After September 11, the world views the term Islamic terrorism from another perspective and then all human rights are violated.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that Pakistan could not achieve anything by sending 500 terrorists to India, but in the pretext of taking action against terrorists, there will be more atrocities against people in occupied Kashmir.

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