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John Morrison: John Morrison WWE, 5 things you don’t know about John Morrison

WWE recently re-signed former ECW champion and tag team champion, John Morrison. He left the company in 2011, after which he appeared in different companies continuously. He was seen as Johnny Mundo in Lucha Underground, after which he was also seen in Impact Wrestling for some time, where he was named Johnny Impact.

John Morrison got a big break in his career when he won the WWE reality show Tough Enough. After this victory, he was considered one of the big stars of Future of WWE. Initially, he came in front of the fans as tag team stars and he proved himself.

During his career, he was considered one of the best high flyers in the company. In such a situation, after his return, WWE will have a good chance to book several dream matches. So let’s know some 5 things related to them.

Kevin Dunn was not impressed with John Morrison

Morrison also auditioned for the second season of Tough Enough. In which he was liked by almost every judge. He was also liked by Hall of Famer Jim Ross, but Kevin Dunn did not like him much and did not get a spot on the show, although he also auditioned in Season 3 after that. After which he was also successful in winning the show.

There have been many changes in names in career

John Morrison has changed his name several times early in his career. Initially, he was named Shaman of Sexy, but his name also did not affect the fans, after which his names were changed several times. During this time, WWE also named him John Hennigan (which is actually his name) and Johnny Blaze.

This ring name was also able to last only one week and the company changed their ring name this time too. After this, he got the name of Johnny Spade but this idea was also dropped later. However, after this, he got his ring name Johnny Nitro and he made his debut in the ring with this name.

He has defeated many Japanese stars in his career

Since leaving WWE in 2011, he has been constantly fighting for promotion around the world. During this time he has also got a lot of success.

At the same time, he has also defeated many big stars of Japan. In 2013, he took part in Dragon Gate, during which he defeated Akira Tozawa.

Let me tell you that Akira Tozawa is currently associated with WWE, where he first participated in the Cruiserweight Classic tournament and after that, he also became the Cruiserweight Champion.

Apart from this, he faced Jushin ‘Thunder’ Liger, the biggest star of Japan in the PWS event, he also won in this match. In such a situation, it is clear that he has also won many big wins in his career.

They want to fight with Roman Rance

In an interview in 2017, John Morrison made many shocking statements about Roman Rance. In this interview, he said that he would definitely like to be seen in the ring with Roman Rance once, but this can only happen when he learns to work in the ring.

Let me tell you that critics have criticized Roman Rance many times over his move set, but even then Roman has given many memorable matches to fans with Daniel Bryan, AJ Styles, Sath Rawlins, and Lassner. In this interview, he had also spoken against his former tag team partner Joey Mercury.

They also want a match against Sath Rollins

In an interview given in 2017, John Morrison not only targeted Roman Rance but he also made many big statements about Seth Rolins.

In this interview, he said that he would like to get into the ring once against Saith Rolins and teach him a tough lesson.

There is no doubt that both the star’s ring styles are very similar and both of them can give a memorable match to the fans, so it will be interesting to see this time whether WWE will take their statement. Book the Feud.

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