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Pakistan Vs Sri Lanka: Arthur promotes Shadab Khan as captain instead of Babar Azam

Former Pakistan Cricket team coach Mikey Arthur says the captain of the national team, Sarfraz Ahmed, is a strongest  in the field and goes out to become an older brother. Babar Azam future is bright, but he should not be given the lead right now.

Interviewing a foreign broadcasting agency, he said that the Pakistani captain has innumerable abilities and captains, he must have been a responsible in the field but he is the big brother of fellow cricketers outside. They continue to have fun with their players.

In reply to another question, the former Pakistani coach said that the weight loss of the headaches was great but always concerned about fitness, Pakistani food has non-bread, bread and oil dishes.

The cricketers do not rest their hands; it is not easy to control the night and night even if under the supervision of PCB management.

Mickey Arthur said that Pakistanis also love big guests and cricketers, the birds are treated with food, at times they tell the players that they will have to do an extra session of training, but 25% of them say that will work hard.

Praising Younis Khan and Misbah-ul-Haq, he said both former players were an example to other players in various matters, including food and fitness.

In reply to a question regarding Shoaib Malik, the former coach of the national team said that former all-rounder Shoaib Malik of the Pakistani cricket team also has a great deal of fitness, the decision to join the World Cup squad was not wrong. He had a key role in motivating, unfortunately, he did not perform.

Responding to a question about Babar Azam, Mikey Arthur said that as a batsman, Babar Azam has a bright future, he should focus on batting right now, right on the vice-captain level yet not put the burden of leadership.

If you go, it will be better. I have already said that Shadab Khan has leadership skills and a good understanding of cricket. After Sarfraz Ahmed, he should be prepared for leadership.

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