Becky Lynch vs seth rowlins

WWE News: Backy Lynch captured the title by defeating his fiancee Saith Rowlins

In the new episode of UpUpDownDown, Sath Rowlins and Becky Lynch compete against each other to win the title. Lynch became the new champion by defeating his life partner. In addition to being part of the most popular team in WWE, Xavier Woods also runs a YouTube channel called UpUpDownDown.

WWE Superstars visit this YouTube channel and play games with Woods. In the new episode of the show, Rawlins rose to be the champion.

He also said that there is no one in the WWE who can challenge him for the title. At the same time, there appeared WWE Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch and then a match between the two with the UpUpDownDown title.

“Solness Senpai” Becky Lynch faced Rawlins in a video game for the UpUpDownDown Championship. Lynch finished the match-winning 2–0. Woods then gave the title to Rawlins who, on his knees, gave the title to Becky and said a few words to him.

She congratulated Lynch for winning the title, becoming the first female wrestler to have won the UpUpDownDown title.

Rawlins left the stage after giving the title to Lynch, and Lynch again announced ‘Backy 2 Belts’ were back. Lynch defeated Ronda Rousey in the WrestleMania 35 Main Event to win the Raw and SmackDown Women’s Championships.

Since then, he had become a nickname ‘Becky 2 Belts’. Lynch is currently preparing for his match which is going to be against Sasha Banks in the Hell in a Cell PPV. Lynch’s championship will be at stake in this match.

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