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WWE News:Ray Mysterio, Seth Rowlins, Champion superstar utters profanity to Brock Lesnar

The season premiere of Raw was going to have a match between Saith Rowlins and Ray Mysterio for the Universal Championship. The fans were overjoyed for the match but Brock Lesnar beat Mysterio and his son Dominic at the start of the show.

Because of this, Mysterio was unable to enter the ring with the Universal Champion in the main event. Later we got to see a match between Rusev and Rawlins, which had no clean end. Paul Hayman cut a promo segment backstage in Raw.

During this, he tried his best to make fun of Kofi Kingston. Heman praised The Beast while taunting the WWE Champion. Brock Lesnar Advocate also stated that the blustering of Ray Mysterio and his son is just a warning to Kingston.

On October 4 (5 in India), SmackDown will debut on the FOX network. Many legend superstars will be seen in this special episode. In addition, there will be a match for the WWE Championship between Brock Lassner and Kofi Kingston. At the moment, this storyline looks a lot more interesting.

Kingston resented Twitter after the Raw episode. The WWE Champion called Brock Lesnar abusive and taught him a lesson and tweeted him about the escape forever. New Day members have supported Mysterio and his son.

Now it remains to be seen how Kingston teaches a lesson to former Universal champion Brock Lesnar.

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