Facebook : European court,Hate Speech will have to be completely removed from the network

Facebook gets a loud blow from the Hate Speech will have to be completely removed from the network. The Supreme Court of the European Union on Wednesday strongly slammed Facebook.

The court has ordered the removal of hate speeches and other controversial content from all online platforms including Facebook. This order has been given regarding the social media content of the whole world.

This decision of the court is seen as a victory of the social media companies of the European Union. These companies also wanted to enforce European Union rules on American giants Facebook. It is ahead of rival European companies due to the lack of European standards on Facebook.

Eva Glavichnig demanded the removal of indecent remarks

The European Court of Justice has said in its order that Facebook should also remove hate content from its platform and close the accounts of those involved in such work.

The latest order comes from the original case in the Austrian court. In Austria, the leader of the Greens party, Eva Glavichnig Peacecheck, demanded the removal of abusive comments against her on Facebook from the court there.

These indecent remarks were seen and read all over the world. In this comment, Eva was described as a corrupt woman.

The decision will be implemented across Europe

Eva went to court after Facebook declined to delete the comment. After hearing the case, the High Court of Austria referred the case to the European Court of Justice. Now this decision will be applicable across Europe.

Offensive content on Facebook against a European person is being viewed anywhere in the world, then the victim can complain to the European court, then action can be taken against Facebook. Hence the apex court has asked Facebook to remove objectionable content from the entire network.

Ban on freedom of expression: Facebook

At the same time, Facebook has condemned the court’s decision. It is said that one country cannot ban the freedom of expression of the person of another country. The decision of the European court creates this compulsion.

It is noteworthy that in the same court ruling in September, Google was exempted from following the right of Right to Be Forgotten in the European Union.

Facebook Comments

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