Monica Lewinsky, Bill Clinton

Monica Lewinsky, Bill Clinton, Announces filming on Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky’s affair

New York: (Web Desk) While former US President Bill Clinton and White House internet employee Monica Lewinsky had a common language, which is 22 years old, it has now been reported that the two partners.

The film will be filmed on the relationship between Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton, the US entertainment firm “Monica Lewinsky,” and a lawsuit against the former US president.

According to the US news agency, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has said that if I did one of the most courageous things in my life, she would not divorce her husband Bill Clinton.

Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton along with daughter Chelsea Clinton become part of the American broadcasting ABC’s Morning Show, where the daughter, along with her daughter, emerged to promote the book “The Gatsby Women.”

The show’s host asked Hillary if she had written a book with her daughter, but what had she done in her life that she thought was courageous? Receiving is one of my boldest jobs.

Speaking on the occasion, former US President Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton’s daughter Chelsea Clinton said they were proud of their mother and liked the response.

Remember that the relationship between Bill Clinton and White House employee Monica Lewinsky is 22 years old, but their affair scandal continues to be a source of global media news. For years, Clinton was elected 42nd president from 1993 to 2001.

Monica Lewinsky joined the White House as a Trainee employee in 1995 at the age of 21 after graduation, Bill Clinton was more than 49 years old, and wife Hillary Clinton in a public residence, according to the news agency. lived.

Remember that according to a former White House employee, he and Bill Clinton continued to have sex with each other for more than a year, even after the news surfaced that Hillary Clinton supported her husband Bill Clinton. ۔

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