Facebook: US and UK told Facebook, message language should be easy for agencies to read

Facebook: The US, UK and Australia have asked social media company Facebook not to make the language of the message (message) released on its platform such that security agencies cannot read it. Facebook is working on a plan to completely encrypt the language of the message.

In recent years, Facebook has faced a number of controversies regarding privacy violations. In view of this, the company has decided to encrypt their language to secure the messages sent to all the social media platforms of their group. The company has also fully encrypted WhatsApp messages.

The language of the message is encrypted under encrypted code, which cannot be read by anyone except the person sending and receiving the message. The United States and its partner countries say that along with securing the Facebook message, they should also have the option that the security agencies can read it if needed.

US Attorney General William Barr, UK Home Minister Preeti Patel, and Australia Home Minister Peter Dutton have sent a shared letter to Facebook company head Mark Zuckerberg. In the letter, these people have said that if the security agencies do not read the messages sent on the social media platform, then there will be a risk of misuse.

It has also been said that encrypting the messages would make security agencies unable to stop the spread of child pornography, terrorism, and other criminal incidents.

These three leaders have said that the company has not promised to address their serious concerns about the impact the proposal will have on people.

Facebook has said that it is trying to make its platform highly secure. But it has not assured that the security agencies will be able to see or read the messages sent on its platform.

A Facebook spokesperson said the company strongly opposed any attempt by the government to read the message issued from the backdoor on its platform.

There can be no compromise with the privacy and security of the people. However, Zuckerberg said in a dialogue program with his company’s employees that the company is working with authorities to strike a balance between privacy concerns and the fight against crime such as child abuse and terrorism.

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