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US President Donald : Donald Trump appeals to China and Ukraine, take action against Biden

Washington:  AFP. US President Donald Trump has openly appealed to China as well as Ukraine to investigate against his rival and former Vice President Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential elections. Trump’s appeal is a touch of sarcasm at the Democrats. Who is demanding the impeachment of Trump on charges of promoting foreign interference in elections?

Speaking in Florida, Trump shrugged off those who accused him, saying that some people are promoting speculation of impeachment.

Adam Skiff, who is leading the impeachment investigation in the Democratic House of Representatives, said Trump was acting impurely before the law.

Attempt to jeopardize national security

Skiff said that once again the President of America is urging other countries to intervene in our elections. They are threatening to jeopardize our elections and our national security. It should be condemned by every member of this body, Democrat and Republican alike.

China should investigate against bindings

Trump told reporters outside the White House that I would have recommended starting an investigation against Biden if I had replaced Jalensky.

Trump said that similarly, China should also initiate an investigation against Bidders, because what happened in China was similar to Ukraine.

My duty to investigate corruption

Asked if he would request the Chinese president to do so, Trump replied that this is definitely something we can start thinking about. Explain that late Thursday night, Trump had said that it was his duty to investigate corruption.

Trump alleged that as vice president in 2014, Biden tried to prevent Ukraine from investigating the corruption of Ukraine gas agency, his son Hunter’s business partner.

Trump also alleged that Biden’s son used his stature to raise the US $ 1.5 billion for new investment from Beijing in 2013.

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