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WWE News: The Rock Randy Orton, Big news of the day – October 4, 2019

WWE News: As reported by ShowBuzz Daily, the premiere episode of NXT was watched by around 8,91,000 viewers this week. At the same time, the viewership of the first episode of Dynamite was around 1.409 million. This means AEW Dynamite’s viewership was 58% higher than NXT this week.

Finn said, “I’ve been out of the ring for two months, besides being away from NXT for a long time.” In such a situation, it is an honor for me to go to NXT to come back. ”

Apart from this, when Finn was asked if he is coming back as a full-timer in NXT, he said, “Right now I am going to do wrestling whether it is here or anywhere else, I do not believe in this thing.

I maintain that there are limits for any country, promotion, weight class, etc. and I am in NXT to break all these barriers. ”

WWE has launched a new YouTube series called ‘WWE Bump’. In this series, interviews of superstars are taken on different topics.

The first episode of the series featured WWE Universal Champion Sath Rollins. The champion spoke on a number of topics including NXT’s move to the USA Network. The full episode can be seen below.

After the success of the TV show Dynamite hosted by EW, WWE gave a statement to a PWInsider about the show and said, “Congratulations to AEW on the successful premiere of the show.”

Wrestling fans are the real winners of the first episode of NXT on the USA Network and the one-time head-to-head telecast of the AEW show on TNT.

Who can now expect that from now on Wednesday night will be a competition because it is a marathon, not a night sprint?

Recently it was reported that Punk might be seen hosting the upcoming WWE new show ‘WWE Backstage’ on the Fox Network in the future along with Rainy Young. After these reports, Punk confessed that he had auditioned for the show.

Former Universal champion Finn Baylor, who has been away from WWE since SummerSlam, surprised everyone by returning to NXT this week.

No one expected Baylor to return to the NXT, but it seems that he will now be seen working in the brand. After Baylor’s return to NXT, one thing that was noticed by very few people is that he has got a new tattoo made.

However, part of the tattoo was visible due to his jacket being worn.

Many superstars and WWE fans are waiting for the ‘People’s Champion’ to come to SmackDown. One of them is Supraster named Randy Orton.

Randy tweeted The Rock to challenge WrestleMania 36 in Tampa in April 2020. Perhaps Rock and Orton may be opposite each other in the ring on this premiere show as well. Randy, the 13-time WWE Champion, said he decides who is the greatest superstar of the third generation.

WWE superstar Brey Wyatt recently came to promote his Hell in a Cell match at Good Day Sacramento. Wyatt gave some reasons behind the attacks by ‘The Find’ on WWE Legends and Hall of Famer.

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