Nobel Prize 2019

Nobel Prize 2019 for Medicine: Nobel Prize 2019 two Americans and one British received Nobel Prize for Medicine

Nobel Prize 2019: two Americans and one British received Nobel Prize for Medicine. The Nobel Prize is the world’s highest award given on the basis of one’s talent.

Nobel Prize 2019 for Medicine, William G. America of America William G. Kaelin Jr, Greg L. Gregg L. Semenza and the British doctor Sir Peter J. Jointly given to Sir Peter J. Ratcliffe.

The Nobel Prize is the world’s highest award based on the talent of the individual, which is given every year in Stockholm (Sweden) on December 10 in a grand ceremony for individuals who have made outstanding contributions in different fields. These fields are chemistry, physics, medicine, economics, literature, and world peace.

Every person who gets this award gets an amount of about four and a half crores. Apart from this, a medal weighing 200 grams and a citation of about 6 cm diameter of 23-carat gold is also provided.

On one side the portrait of Alfred Nobel, the father of the Nobel Prize and the year of his birth and death, and on the other hand the portrait of the Greek goddess Isis, ‘Royal Academy of Science Stockholm’ and the name of the person receiving the award and the year of award are inscribed. .

The names of Nobel Prize winners are announced in the month of October itself and the highest award is presented at a grand ceremony held in Stockholm on 10 December.

There is hardly any person in the world who does not expect to get the Nobel Prize even after getting the biggest prize.

The reason is that while this award makes the awardee great in the eyes of the whole world, at the same time, along with fame, wealth also starts to kiss his feet.

When and how did the Nobel Prize begin?

The Nobel Prizes began on 10 December 1901. At that time, this award was given for the first time for chemistry, physics, medicine, literature and world peace. An amount of about five and a half lakh rupees was given in the award.

The award was instituted on 27 November 1895 by Dr. Alfred Nobel, Sweden’s eminent scientist and inventor of dynamite, in which he undertook specific work for chemistry, physics, medicine, literature, and world peace.

Using the interest received from his entire property (about 9 million dollars), he had requested to do excellent work and for this work money, A provision was made to establish a trust for use.

In his will, he had mentioned a few institutions to select the names of the people doing specific work in these five areas.

On 10 December 1896, Dr. Alfred Nobel departed from the world but left vast sums of money for those who excelled in the fields of chemistry, physics, medicine, literature and world peace.

Who was Alfred Nobel?

Alfred Nobel was the greatest inventor of the world, who made many inventions and during his lifetime had a total of 355 patents on his various inventions.

He invented dynamite after inventing many things like rubber, leather, synthetic silk, and gave a new impetus to the development work around the world as it was only after the invention of dynamite that heavy explosives produced through safe explosives.

The task of constructing tunnels and dams and laying railway tracks was possible by breaking the rocks. He also suffered a lot in the process of developing dynamite, but he was determined and, regardless of this, obtained a patent on it in England in 1867 by inventing the dynamite using the dangerous explosive ‘nitroglycerin’.


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