Avengers Endgame

Avengers Endgame: On Marvel, this big director of the world said, films like Avengers are not cinema

People all over the world are fans of Super-Heroes and the films made on them. There are many characters like Iron Man, Thor, Spider-Man, Black Panthers, and Captain America which have made people crazy. The films made on these have their own craze.

This year’s Avengers Endgame grossed the US $ 2796 million. Despite all this, Hollywood’s big director Martin Scorsese does not consider this cinema.

Recently, Scorsese spoke to Empire Magazine saying, “Marvel’s movies are not cinema, but are a theme park.” Speaking to the magazine, he said, ‘Honestly, the closer I have seen them, as they are, the actors have given their best in that environment.

It is a theme park. This is not the cinema of those who want to reach emotional and psychological feelings to other people.

Let me tell you that Martin Scorses is currently bringing his new film The Irishman. It is a crime drama film in which Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, and Joi Pacey are to appear together. The film will be released on 1 November. It will then be released on Netflix on November 27.

Martin has previously made great films like Goodfellow, Taxi Driver, and Casino. He has many discussions about this new film. It has also been praised since the world premiere.

Scorsese’s statement was responded to by Marvel series actor Karen Gillen. Talking to Hollywood Reporter, he said that I would definitely say that Marvel films are cinema.

Cinema is a story told with the help of visuals. Karen has previously worked in the Avengers franchise.

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