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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Opposition Leader Deceived

General elections are due in Canada on October 21. Due to this, the political temperature of the country has increased. Leaders are leaving no stone unturned to degrade each other.

A similar view was observed in a TV debate between Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and opposition leader Andrew Sear on Monday evening. During the discussion, there was fiercely between the two.

Opposition leader Sear suddenly lost his temper while bombarding the allegations on the PM. He called Trudeau a number one cheater. Then what? Trudeau also uprooted. He also became aggressive, questioning Andrew’s dual citizenship.

Trudeau was addressed as fake

Such scenes are usually seen during elections on Indian news channels. In fact, as the TV debate began, Conservative Party leader Andrew tried to surround Trudeau, the leader of the ruling Liberal Party.

Addressed them as fake. Taking a jibe at the allegations, the opposition leader further said that Trudeau does not deserve to become the country’s prime minister again.

This was the second debate held under the electoral process in Canada. A total of six political parties’ representatives took part in it.

Voting to be held on October 21

Voting is scheduled for 21 October for the 338-member Canadian Parliament. During the debate, PM Trudeau loudly raised the issue of his dual citizenship, surrounding Andrew.

He is trying hard to become the Prime Minister for the second time in a row. According to a recent poll conducted by the Election, the Conservative Party may oust the ruling Liberals this time.

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