Facebook: 40 US Attorney General to investigate against Facebook, worried about data security

San Francisco, IANS. In the US, the ground for a major investigation against Facebook has been prepared. Attorneys Generals from around 40 US states have joined hands to investigate against the world’s largest social networking site. They will get together and investigate.

According to media reports, these attorney generals met officials of the Justice Department and the Federal Trade Commission on Monday.

New York Attorney General Letitia James said, “We (Attorney Generals) had a discussion with the Justice Department and the Federal Trade Commission officials about the Facebook investigation.” We are starting an investigation against Facebook to find out whether the customer data was endangered by his actions.

It will also be ascertained whether there has been any reduction in the quality of the customers or increase the price for advertisement?

The investigation against Facebook, Google, Apple, Amazon

Let us know that the Antitrust Committee of the US Parliament is already investigating against Facebook, Google, Apple, Amazon, and other tech companies.

In this investigation, an effort is being made to find out whether these companies have become a hindrance to competition or their actions have hurt the interests of customers?

Facebook has to pay 284 crores fine

Facebook will have to pay a fine of $ 40 million (about Rs 284 crore) to settle a case related to Video Aid. Facebook made a mistake in calculating the time of the video ad running on its platform.

Facebook was sued by advertisers for this lapse. Their petitions have been ruled by the US Federal Trade Commission.

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