5 Big Questions that WWE Must Answer? How will the draft impact WWE

WWE: The WWE Universe often does not reveal its secrets, which makes fans wonder what might happen next. It is also a good thing for the business in a way, but there are some questions that WWE must answer.

Like what are the plans now for The Find ?, what is Finn Bailer doing back at NXT? The company has taken many such steps in the last few months to which the fans want to know the answer. Similarly, this is the 5 questions that everyone in the WWE Universe wants to know.

How will the draft impact WWE

Brock Lassner, Kane, Vince McMahon
It is entirely visible that the WWE draft will completely replace the company for a few years. Now the competition is also going on between Fox Sports and USA Network.

So it will be interesting to see what WWE is thinking about the draft or which superstar will go to which brand in the draft. Such as The Find and Sethi Rollins’ Hail in a Cell match, which resulted in a lot of fans getting annoyed.

Now the company will have to keep these two wrestlers in different storylines, so maybe one of them can become part of another brand after the draft.

Recently Finn Baylor was seen in NXT. So could it be that after the draft came, some wrestlers from Raw and SmackDown also became part of the NXT brand?

If this happens then it will be a matter of seeing which superstar goes to NXT. The draft will be taken out over 2 nights this month in one show each on Raw and SmackDown.

Why is Finn Baylor in NXT?

Finn Baylor
Finn Baylor made a comeback to NXT, seeing all the fans wondering why Daemon King was brought back to NXT. One reason for this may also be that NXT is no longer a lagging brand.

He is also pushing the WWE business on television like Raw and SmackDown. Fans would love to watch the show by bringing Baylor back to NXT. The brand could benefit from Baylor’s star power.

He may have animosity with Adam Cole for the NXT Championship. Many such dream matches can be seen, due to which fans will like to watch NXT more and more. So it can be said that this step taken by WWE is right and in the coming time, it can also benefit NXT a lot.

Why is Lana with Bobby Lashley?

During last week’s main event of Monday Night Raw, when Rusev and Sethi Rollins were competing for the Universal Championship. That’s when Bobby Lashley and Lana return, kissing each other on stage. Seeing this, Rusev and the fans are shocked.

Lana is Rusev’s wife in real life. That’s why everyone thinks that this happened. WWE might want to create a love triangle between the three. So far, no one knows what is going to happen in this storyline. The story will also end in the next few weeks on Raw.

Will CM Punk return to WWE?

CM Punk
CM Punk has been 5 years away from Pro Wrestling and there are no signs of his return to the ring yet for WWE. However, CM Punk was recently interviewed to play the role of an on-air commentator for SmackDown on Fox Sports.

That interview was good. But this does not prove that he will return to fight in the ring. But it can be assumed that he can rejoin the WWE, of course as a commentator.

Will the Find Last Longer?

The Find is one of the most liked wrestlers of the WWE Universe this year. Some are even calling him the next Undertaker in the coming time of WWE. But it remains to be seen whether the company can use them for a long time.

Fans believe that The Find is WWE’s best creation of the last few years. But the way the company fought him in Hell in a Cell, it does not seem that he will be able to survive with such a character in WWE for a long time.

But the company is smart in handling its storylines and can further expand the fines over time. So we can say that in the coming time, a very big superstar will come out in the form of Brey White Find.

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