Alexei Leonov

Firs tin the spacewalk, in the world, 1965 astronaut Alexei Leonov died

Alexei Leonov: Moscow, AFP. Russian astronaut Alexei Leonov, who walked for the first time in space, died in Moscow on Friday. Leonov, 85, had been ill for a long time. The Russian space agency Rosskosmos has given this information.

Leonov was also an author and artist in addition to astronauts. He also served in the Russian Air Force. He was twice awarded the country’s highest honor ‘Hero of the Soviet Union’. Leonov was also a close friend of Yuri Gagarin, the first person to go into space.

Gagarin reached space in 1961. Four years later, on March 1965, Leonov and his other partner Pavel Belayev flew to space under the Veskod 2 mission.

During this mission, on March 18, 1965, Leonov exited the spacecraft and walked for 12 minutes and nine seconds. The Veskod 2 mission and the spacewalk were a total success. But while returning to Earth, the vehicle crashed in Siberia.

Leonov led a Russian Soyuz vehicle in a Soyuz-Apollo campaign sent in July 1975. It was the first shared space mission of the US and Russia.

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