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Nobel Peace Prize 2019: Nobel Peace Prize in the name of Ethiopian Prime Minister Abe Ahmed Ali

Nobel Peace Prize: African country Ethiopian Prime Minister Abe Ahmed deserves the Nobel Peace Prize for his role in ending the decades-long bloody war and acknowledging peace efforts.

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abe Ahmed Ali Nobel Peace Prize 2019, which has become the focus of the world due to his peace efforts, was able to make his name.

In 2018, Abe Ahmed, 46, who took charge of the Ministry of the Interior, made head-on efforts to end hostilities with neighboring country Eritrea for decades and lit candles of peace in countries united by civil war.

Nobel Peace Prize Chair Brett Innes Anderson announces the name of the lucky man for the Peace Prize, saying that Abe Ahmed joined hands with Eritrean President Isis Iforki to successfully end the rift and civil war between the two countries. He raised the country and led the country on the path of democracy, prosperity, and peace.

With the efforts of Prime Minister Abe Ahmed, Ethiopia and Eritrea restored bilateral relations on July 2018, announcing the end of years of hostility and the end of the border war between the two countries in 1998 and 2000.

It is to be noted that the Nobel Peace Prize money is 90 million Swedish korun which will be presented to Abe Ahmed in Oslo on December 10th.

Last year, Nadia Murad, a Yazidi social worker who dedicated her life to sexual violence after being subjected to torture by ISIS fighters and Dr. Dennis McGee, a health worker working for women who have been sexually abused in Africa.

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