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Nobel Prize 2019: Poland has won the Nobel Prize-winning author in his country

Olga Tokarczuk: Poland has honored the author who won the Nobel Prize in the literature of her own country in some unique way. In this, anyone who carries the book of Poland’s Nobel Literary Prize winner Olga Tokraichuk in their western city of Wroclaw will be allowed free travel in public transport on Sunday.

This way their books will be promoted and people will enjoy free travel. The local administration gave this information on Friday.

Olga, chosen winner for 2018, is considered one of the most talented novelists of her generation in Poland. City Hall spokesman Przemyslav Gelki said that on Thursday, as soon as we heard the news that Olga Tokaraichuk had received the Nobel Prize, we wanted to share this joy with all the residents of our city, which recently made the author a respected citizen Have given.

On Sunday, public transport will be allowed for 650,000 people in the city to take Olga Tokaraichuk’s book or e-book for free. 57-year-old Tokraichuk’s time is usually spent between Wrocław and the western village of Krajno on the border with the Czech Republic.

Braided hair, sportsman, vegetarian and leftist Olga Tokaraichuk who does not shy away from criticizing Poland’s traditionalists, said in June that Wroclaw is one of Europe’s most beautiful and important cities.

Tokaraichuk won the 2018 Nobel Literature Prize on Thursday, whose announcement was delayed by a year due to the sexual harassment scandal. About them, the Swedish Academy said that Olga was respected for the vision of a discourse that reflected a worldwide desire to cross borders.

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